New for 2021!

Hello, hello,

Under tonight’s full moon and with Imbolc just around the corner, exciting things are emerging.

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Creative Renewal Retreat with Shanti George from Canada. Five nights in August 2021, Somerset, UK

Update! Due to the coronavirus covid-19 Shanti and I are rescheduling this fabulous adventure for August 2021. New dates to be published soon!

Shanti and I dreamed this retreat into reality over the winter’s dark and with the birth of the Rising Moon 2020 we offered it out to you! Please follow the link here to Shanti’s website for full details and scroll down here for the outline…

aerial shot1

Based at the beautiful Vobster Inn, near Radstock in Somerset, this five night retreat will run in August 2021. With trips to Glastonbury, Bath and Stanton Drew Stone Circle, Shanti and I will offer workshops throughout our time together as well as providing ample opportunity for you to explore, expand, retreat and renew in equal measure.

Please contact me: if you are interested to hear more…




The Blue Butterfly Workshop flies again this April: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th 2020


I am delighted to say that places are already filling up for the next Blue Butterfly Workshop. The early bird price of £135 runs until the end of January so if want to grab a place contact me via Facebook messenger, Instagram direct message or

My Butterfly workshops combine systemic constellations with art journalling and land ceremony and for more information check out my previous posts here and my feed on Instagram and Facebook.


Energy emerging!


 This month’s full moon marks an emergence of energy, the land stirs with new life, the sun’s warmth creeps through the branches of the trees and the birds sing

 The group for the Blue Butterfly Workshop is gathering and a few places remain

Are you called to join us, to explore your sense of self, are you ready to fly?

Let me know if you are!

love and blessings, Pollyx

The Blue Butterfly Workshop 22nd-24th March 2019

After an extraordinary year, I am spending these dark winter days of deep dreaming, conjuring and imagining and emerging.

As the energy of the land stirs and the light returns I am excited to announce the next Blue Butterfly Workshop, coming along in less than 10 weeks time.

Once more returning the the beautiful Jubilee Hall, in Langford Budville, here in Somerset my workshop will weave a special combination of therapeutic work using a systemic practice conceived by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, creative expression and land ceremony.

If you’re reading this and you think it might be for you let me know!

What are you doing for yourself this year?

After the success of the workshop in March, I am running another, updated and improved, Blue Butterfly Workshop here in Somerset in June.

As the poster explains we will be combining Constellations and art journalling with intuitive ritual, using the mizmaze I have created in the tree circle at Lovelynch.  See below for details and be sure to contact me soon if you are interested in coming along or finding out more about the event as places have sold very quickly this time and there are only a few spots left!bb june

The Blue Butterfly Workshops

Heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful human beings who joined me for the first Blue Butterfly Workshop. It was a great success and although we had to close early due to the extreme weather conditions that blew in from Siberia the snow added a magical quality to the experience.

PatMary snow mizmaze

I am thrilled to announce the launch of a second workshop: Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June 2018!

poster for bb2

A selection of unfinished journal pages from the first workshop…

jounal pages

And two extracts from a review of the weekend by the beautiful Sue Lloyd…

Polly made each and everyone of us feel valued and welcome right from the start. She provided  a mass of resources, providing a wealth of stimulation for all, whether we were beginners or experienced art journallers but the peace and tranquility required for mediation was maintained throughout the whole weekend. This seemed an amazing balance but one which Polly was able to manage effortlessly with her care and respect for all. 
It was my first introduction to the work of Constellations and I must confess to being a little nervous, being unsure what to expect, but Polly’s gentle reassurance and encouragement soon put me at ease and the experience was amazing. I have always believed that my ancestors are part of me but the connections are now so heightened and I have begun to understand how important it is to recognise that we are all connected back to the earth through our family ancestry. I was astounded too how another human being, who I had never met before, was able to connect with me, my feelings and my emotions through Constellation practices. Thank you Polly for creating this sacred, safe place for this to happen – you have an amazing ability to create safe sacred spaces where everyone can make deep connections and feel comfortable. 

Welcome to the Scorpio New Moon – transformation

This time last month I introduced

The Blue Butterfly Workshop

 and invited you to join me for these two days combining systemic therapy and art journaling on the 17th & 18th March 2018.

Since then we have seen the clocks go back, the days shorten and the temperature drop.

For those of us who observe the Celtic calendar; Samhain, celebrated over the period now commonly known as Halloween, has marked the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. It is a time when the veil between life and death is thin and the connection with our ancestors is strong. This year I created a mizmaze (an ancient English labyrinth) in the sacred circle on our land and prepared the space for ceremony. As this is the time of year when darkness envelopes us, we took light into the centre of the mizmaze, with the intention of leaving it there with the spirits for the period between now and the darkest day, the winter solstice, when will bring the light out into the world once more.


For several days I tended the space taking more and more light into the centre of the circle, leaving it with offerings and prayers for all that was ending, being left behind and let go of in this place of timeless stillness.

For me Samhain is both a time to reflect and a time to dream. To consider new beginnings too, ideas and plans, not unlike seeds or bulbs held deep in the earth, that are gathering energy, full of potential, ready to spark life and new growth.

In this place, I spoke out loud of my vision for The Blue Butterfly Workshop, allowing myself and my plan to be held by the land and my ancestors. I asked for clarity, for support and for guidance and I listened to the messages that came back to me. At the darkest moment of the moon I ‘reviewed’ what I am germinating:

An opportunity to explore our relationship with our present-day environment, our ancestral lineage and our creative natures. To engage with our genetic connection to ancient human beings, to our immediate families and to each other. To question and discuss our thoughts, beliefs and theories. To trust our intuition and to find space to be quiet and still.

And this is what The Blue Butterfly Workshop will be!

If you would like to know more about the practicalities of the workshop, local accommodation and dietary options or if would like to discuss concessions and payment plans please do not hesitate to contact me here.

flyer image

I hope you’ll join me!

Love and light, Polly






Today I stand in the light, that I was invited to step into some twelve years ago, to introduce:

The Blue Butterfly Workshop

and to invite you to join me for these two days combining systemic therapy and art journaling on the 17th & 18th March 2018.

In 2005, Gaye Donaldson (now Managing Director of The Centre) introduced me to Constellations and to Dawn Eagle Woman, a Shamanic Healer from Wyoming. Things changed and I trained with the Hellinger Institute of Britain (now called The Centre) for one year. Following this, I trained with Bert Hellinger (the founder of Family Constellations as a model for systemic therapy) in Austria and attended his workshop in Oslo. Over the years I have attended numerous workshops lead by a variety of facilitators and have been particularly inspired by the ancestral ritual work of Daan van Kampenhout.  I am a member of a supportive peer supervision group, set up at the end of our training with four colleagues, Janet Hermann, Erica Witt and Carol and Paul Zeal. Our group has continued to meet without interruption at least three times a year and is now based on Dartmoor and hosted by Carol and Paul who now run their Dartmoor Constellations from their home there.

In 2012, Joolz Benner introduced me to Erin Faith Allen (Mixed Media Artist and Film Maker) at her first International Art Retreat (formerly known as Call of the Wild Soul) and once again things changed. I was gifted the opportunity to rekindle my love of art and creative expression, and for the last five years, supported by both my family and my friends, I have steered my life in a direction that has allowed me to be here, now, exactly as I am, giving life to an idea, hatching a plan and doing the thing I love most!

I have been influenced, supported and inspired by many other people over these years and am wholeheartedly grateful to every one of them.

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I am now on Facebook as pollypring and Instagram @fromsourcetoself and @pollypring and my email is
I hope to hear from you very soon!

May blessings shower down upon you all,